Partners of the Liga

Blitz Liga is based on the principle that sport can bring people together. We’re open to partnerships with other sporting organisations in Russia. Here are those with whom we have links:

Elbrus World Race    Baikal Ice Marathon    Eaglesports 150:75

A set of races up Europe’s highest mountain. The events take place in the first week of August 2013. Several players from the league are training. The race director is Ivan Kuzmin. ¬†

A race across the frozen lake held annually in March – four players from the league took part in the 2003 competition. If you’re interested, you can read a report written by one of them¬†and see images of the race. It is organised by Alexei Nikiforov.

Eaglesports has been selling sports equipment across Russia since 1993. Jeff Ramsey, who started the company, shares his experience from sporting events around the world.