Season 5, will be played over six Sundays, with the first game on October 13 and the last on November 24.

There will be a one-week break, with no games played on November 3. The games will be at Luzhniki.

League Standings

Teams that finish equal on points will be placed according to goal difference. Teams with equal points and equal goal difference will be placed according to goals scored. If they’re still equal, the standings will come down to the result of the league game between the two teams.

League Stages

The 12 participating teams have been split into two leagues. The teams in each of those leagues compete over the first five match days, with the final league games on November 17.

Promotion, Relegation and Finals – November 24

The teams finishing first in league B will be promoted to play in league A next season, replacing the team that finishes last in league A.

On the final day, the team that finishes 5th in league A will also play the team that finishes 2nd in league B. The winner of that game will play in league A next season and the loser will play in league B.

Since the newly-added teams have been automatically placed in the weaker league (B), the top-placed league A team will face the top-placed league B team on November 24. The winner of this match will be awarded the league prize.

This Season’s Split

The teams that competed in Blitz Liga last season have been split into two divisions based on their positions in final league table. Those four teams that didn’t take part last season have been added to the weaker league.

The Cup

There will also be a cup competition on the final day of the season.