Tournament Rules

Version 2 (all changes since season start are italicised. See Nov 6 post for details.)

For the rules of play, see match rules. The rules below are about who can play in each team, the responsibilities of each captain and the circumstances under which players or teams are disqualified. They also cover goal size, the duration of games and substitutions.

A. Registered and Unregistered Players 

      1. Before the first game of the season, each team must submit the names of between eight and twelve registered players.
      2. Teams must start each subsequent game with at least three players from that list.
      3. To allow for injuries and other unexpected circumstances, teams may nominate a thirteenth player to their list at the start of November (i.e. between the third and fourth games).
      4. No unregistered players may take part in the final round (November 24), unless they have played in at least 3 of their team’s league games during season 5.

B. Keeping Records

      1. At each game, each team must be line up for a photo taken by the league secretary and submit a form (to the league secretary) to record the name of everyone who played for their side that day. Every player should be in the photo. Teams that either fail to complete this form or miss the photograph may forfeit their points for the game if they cannot prove the name of every player who played on their team. 
      2. Teams that provide false information will be required to write an email explaining the error to the other five captains in their league. The team will be disqualified without a refund if three or more of those captains decide that the false information was given deliberately.

C. Points Penalties

      1. If any team starts a league game with less than three registered players, the result will be recorded as 0-3 and the three points will be awarded to their opposition.
      2. In exceptional circumstances, when the alternative is a last-minute cancellation, a team has the option to start a league game with up to two unregistered players from another of the tournament’s teams. In this case, the deficient team will have their goal difference reduced by 10 and they will be awarded no points regardless of the result. Their opposition will be awarded points on the basis of the result.

C. Disqualification

        1. A captain’s last-minute option of fielding another team’s players is intended for the benefit of his opposition, whose players expected a game. Any captain who uses this option a second time will have his team expelled from the tournament without a refund. Their place will be reallocated.
        1. Any team that starts a game will less than four players will be expelled from the tournament without a refund. Their place will be reallocated.

D. Red Cards & Exclusion

      1. Red cards After a player receives a red card, his team will play with one less player for ten minutes. At the end of that period, the team can replace the banned player with another team member. (added Nov 7)
      2. Exclusion Any player that gets sent off twice in one season will be disqualified from playing again that season.
      3. Intent to harm Any player who is sent off for violent conduct – i.e. intent to harm an opponent – will be banned from playing again in the tournament. (added Nov 6)
      4. Other red cards Any player who is sent off for other reasons – i.e. without intent to harm – will be banned from playing in the subsequent game. (added Nov 6)
      5. Appeals If a captain wants to appeal against a red card shown to one of his players, he should write an appeal and send it to within 12 hours. The referee will decide whether to waive the player’s suspension. (added Nov 7)

E. Other

  1. Number of players on the pitch By default, we play six-a-side. We only play seven-a-side when both captains have agreed on this and notified the referee at least 48 hours before kick-off. Once both opposing captains have agreed to play their match with seven players, the decision can’t be reversed.
  2. Substitutions Teams can bring substitutes on and off throughout the came, but no more than twelve players from any one team can take part in a single game. The names of every player must be submitted on the form that is submitted to the league secretary.
  3. Goal size We use the smaller goals, unless both teams request the larger ones. If so, it is those teams’ responsibility to move them into place before kick-off and remove them after their game finishes.
  4. Game duration In our schedule, we have allowed 5 minutes between each game and 5 minutes for half time. When games start late, they will be shortened so that they can be completed without delaying other games.
  5. Balls We use the league’s own ball, unless both captains agree on another one.
  6. Colours When opposing teams both wear the same colour, the second named side (according to the fixture list) will be required to wear the bibs provided by our referees.