Match Rules

Please also read the tournament rules. We play the rules that you would expect for football (FIFA) adapted to six-a-side (FA).

You should also note:

    • Slide tackles: you can’t slide tackle in our league.
    • Fouls: if one team commits six serious fouls in a single game, a penalty kick will be awarded to the opposition. If they commit a further six fouls, they will face another penalty.
    • Insults: players should expect to get sent off for insulting the referee, their opponents or their team mates.
    • Goalkeepers: can’t kick the ball from their hands.
    • Kick-ons: when the ball goes out of play, we have kick-ons not throw-ons.
    • Game duration: games last 60 minutes with a 5-minute break for half time. If games start late, they will finish early so that the next scheduled game doesn’t have to.
    • Professional players: no player who has ever played professionally is allowed to take part in the competition.
    • Substitutions: a team can make as many substitutions as it wants in a single game but can use no more than 12 different players. You must start each league game with at least three registered platers. The restrictions on who can play in the final stage are tighter (see the tournament rules).