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BlitzLiga Season 8

  • Rental of the pitch – 60 minutes are allocated to each team, including 10 minutes for warming up and half-time
  • Refereeing – there are qualified referees for every game; teams can make formal appeals against decisions using the assessment form
  • +Video recordings and photos – every game is recorded on video and, where possible, published on our Vimeo account and the match videos section of our website within 24 hours. We also photograph every team before each game.
  • +Website, newsletter, drinks and party – where possible, within 24 hours of each game, we publish the names of every player in every game, goal scorers, cards, results and updated league tables. We also provide water at every match and organise a party on the first day of the season.
  • +Prizes – the team that comes first receives a trophy and a bottle of champagne and the top scorer receives wine.


Per match fee


The registration fee must be paid at least seven days prior to the league’s provisional start date. The fee will be used as the team’s match for their final game of the season, unless the team withdraws or is expelled before that point. It is non-refundable. See match fee for details of what is covered for each game (paid separately).


BlitzLiga does not provide refunds for games that are terminated prematurely.


Teams are required to pay this fee in order to compete in the tournament. It covers rental of the pitch and the organisation of the tournament. The season’s full fixture list is published at blitzliga.com as soon as all the competing teams have paid their deposits.


This must be paid prior to every game of the season except the final one.