Cameramen film the games played in our league. They also take team photographs before the start of each game.
They are responsible for uploading this videos of each game. This must be completed before BlitzLiga sends out its weekly results email at 09:00 on the day after each game.
We use a range of cameramen – the minimum period of work is two games. To apply, write to

750 rubles per 50-minute game. Typically, each cameraman records two games a week and takes four team photographs.

Start time: 11:45 (on pitch at Luzhniki) on Sundays (see match days League A and League B)
Finish time: 14:10 (cameramen must upload videos on the same day)

Before match day:
You need a video camera with the memory capacity to store all of the games (each game lasts 50 minutes). Be sure that you have the means – fast internet connection etc. – to transfer the files because after the game you’ll have to upload the video files online.

Before each match:
You are required to take a photograph of each team. These photos are required because we need to check that teams don’t field any ineligible players.

During each match:
We have one cameraman per game – you need to position yourself so as to capture as much of the action as possible.
The video serves two purposes: firstly, it is a record of the game for referees to review watch when they need decide on player suspensions; secondly it is for players and their friends who want to look back at their team’s games.
Videos should be saved as separate files for each 25-minute period of play (i.e. one half.) with the correct file name following this format

After each match:
Upload full videos and photos to the league’s Vimeo, Flickr or dropbox account, ensuring that you use the correct file names.

Captains assess the videos after each game and we continue to work with cameramen whose videos are assessed as “good.”

You can see our previous videos here: BlitzLiga’s Match Videos.