Head of Business Development

In order to apply for this job, write to: applications@blitzliga.com

The head of business development is responsible for growing our business’s revenue and profitability.

He/she attracts new teams to play in our competition and ensures the satisfaction of the teams who already play enjoys in our tournament.

Working hours
He/she will work an average of 37 hours a week on Sundays (11:00 – 16:00) and 09:00 to 17:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

This position is suitable for a new graduate with a training in sports management.
It requires someone who can learn fast and has energy and ambition.

Starting salary of 35,000 rubles a month, with  compensation reviewed monthly based on the business’  growth.

Working relationships
The head of Business Development reports to the founding partners. He/she is BlitzLiga’s only full-time employee. He works alongside the head of refereeing and is in charge of the contractors who work for the league.

On match days, he/she update the website and emailed newsletter and instruct the cameramen who record all of our games. On other working days, your task is to sign up new teams and arrange the next matches.
Match days
He/she will attend every match day that we arrange, answering all questions and phone calls. You also coordinate contractors who are working for us as cameramen, food suppliers, musicians etc. You update the website and send out the newsletter immediately after the games.
Other days
For the other days in the week, your task is to grow the league and develop the next tournament.
You will also establish contacts with every amateur football team in Moscow and every company that have football teams. You will meet the captains of these teams, describe our tournament and get them to compete.
You will make personal contact with every major footballing arena in Moscow. Later, you may be involved in negotiating rental agreements for future tournaments