Head of Refereeing

The head of refereeing is  responsible for appointing qualified referees for every match day, applying rules, making any changes to the rules, deciding the length of player suspensions, reviewing and responding to captains’ complaints about refereeing decisions (each team can make one complaint).

2,000 rubles per match day (paid in addition to the refereeing fee.)

Start time: 12:40 (on pitch at Luzhnik) on Sundays (see match days League A and League B)
Finish time: after last results sheet is submitted to the league secretary
Additional work: reviewing captain’s complaints, appointing referees for each week

Bring to each match:
Two footballs, bibs, cones, water and masking tape – see equipment. 

At the start of each match day
The head of refereeing should answer any questions from match referees about the tournament rules. He should also go to the dressing rooms, unlock them and take the keys. He should return the dressing room keys at the end of the day. The dressing rooms must not be locked during matches.

At the end of each match day
The head of refereeing should ensure that referees have submitted all the results  sheets online: League A, League B. The form can be accessed easily on a mobile phone – the results must be submitted within 90 minutes of the final game.
The head of refereeing receives an automatic email every time a result is submitted.
If any players were awarded red cards, he should decide on the length of the player’s suspension (the number of match days) and pass this information to the league secretary, who will publish it at BlitzLiga.com.