Fee: a minimum of 1,000 rubles for each hour; 2,000 for professional referees per each 50-minute game

Start time: 11:45 (on pitch at Luzhniki) on Sundays (see match days League A and League B)
Finish time: 14:10

Before match day:
Referees must read match rules. They should also know the competition rules.

Before each match:
Mark out the pitch using the cones (this must be completed before each game’s scheduled start time), move the portable goals into position & ensure that players have bibs if they need them
Remind captains to complete the online team sheet
Ensure that each team lines up for the team photo (taken by the cameraman)
Ensure that matches start at the scheduled times

During each match:
Enforce the match rules.
Ensure that each match is complete within the allocated time.

Within 90 minutes of the last match each day:
Complete and sign the following online results sheets: League A, League B. This can be done using a mobile phone.

Read also: refereeing assessment