Competition Rules (Season 6)

  1. Competitions –  from 2014, BlitzLiga will be operating two separate competitions: a league and a knock-out cup. Payment and entry to each competition is separate.

  2. Format of the League: BlitzLiga’s main competition is a two-tier league with promotion and regulation at the end of each season.

    1. The higher league (A) consists of the six strongest teams. The lower league (B) consists of the remaining teams and any new entries.

    2. At the end of each season

      1. the lowest-placed team in league A is relegated, with its place taken by the highest-placed team in league B.

      2. the team that finishes second from bottom in league A has a play-off against the team that finishes second from top of league B. Only the winner of this game plays in league A the following season.

    3. Fixtures within each league are arranged according to the previous season’s standings, with the highest-seeded teams facing each other in the final week.

  3. Format of the Knock-Out Cup: in 2014, BlitzLiga will launch a new knock-out cup competition. The entry procedure is separate from the league and teams from both leagues will compete against one another in this competition.

  4. Venue – BlitzLiga rents the pitches that it uses for matches. For winter 2014, we have booked the indoor football arena owned by CSKA. Our reservation can be cancelled without notice by the army and its sports club, CSKA, who own the arena. Where possible, cancelled games will be rearranged at the same venue on later weeks. If necessary, they will be moved to another location and the difference in cost will be refunded to the affected teams.

  5. Scheduling – games are played on successive Sundays. We do not play on the weekends of public holidays. The match times may change from season to season. See this season for the current schedule.

  6. Fixtures – Fixtures are provisional unless otherwise stated on the schedule. Once they have been confirmed, fixtures cannot be amended or re-arranged except when there is no alternative, such as when the army requires the use of its sports club at short notice. Fixtures can be viewed via the web site or by signing up to the newsletter.

    For Captains

  7. Squads and Registered Players – Before the first game of the season, each captain must complete the online form to submit the names of between eight and twelve registered players for his team. Teams must start each subsequent game with at least three players from that list.

  8. Teamsheets and results – before leaving the arena at the end of their games, captains are required to complete a form listing every player who appeared for the team that day. Captains must also sign the form to indicate that the result and record of goalscorer is accurate.

  9. Deficient teams – If any team starts a league game with less than three registered players, the result will be recorded as 0-3 and the three points will be awarded to their opposition. Captains who avoid this sanction by submitting incorrect player records will have six points deducted from their total.

  10. Opposition players – if a captain has less than six players for his team,  he should try not to use any player who has played for or will play for another team in either league. If they use any such player, the result will be recorded as 0-3 and the three points will be awarded to their opposition.

  11. Professional players: no player who has been paid to play for a professional football club in the last five years is allowed to take part in the competition. Any team found to have broken this rule will have six points deducted from their total.