Please note that it’s not possible to reverse any decision taken by a referee in the BlitzLiga. This includes occasions when refereeing mistakes are proven with video evidence.

We work with professional referees and pay them. Teams taking part in the BlitzLiga do so on the understanding that referees make mistakes, and that these may affect the outcome of games.

We have a refeereing assessment process. Its purpose is to maintain the highest possible standard of refereeing,  not to retrospectively correct mistakes.

After each game, captains will be asked to assess the quality of refereeing during the game by giving a score of 1, 2 or 3.

A score of 3 means “good”; 2 mean “neutral”; and 1 means “poor”.

A captain cannot rate a referee as “poor” unless he completes the refereeing query form. On the form, captains are required to identify two major refereeing decisions that were incorrect. For each incident, they must write a complaint with reference to the match rules and include the time codes of each incident from the match video.

For every such complaint, the chief of refereeing will review the evidence and write a response. Where the evidence is conclusive, the referee will be suspended.

If a captain wishes to file more than one refereeing query form within a single season, he must nominate another qualified referee who is available and willing to officiate for the next scheduled games.