Season 3 Rule Changes/Reminders

  1. The league fixtures and timings for the first three rounds won’t change from those listed on this website. In the following four weeks, there is a small chance that the format will change slightly. If so, each team will still be playing for an hour each Sunday at similar times.
  2. By default, we play six-a-side. We only play seven-a-side when both captains have agreed on this and notified the referee¬†at least 48 hours before kick-off. Once both opposing captains have agreed to play their match with seven players, the decision can’t be reversed.
  3. Teams can bring substitutes on and off throughout the came, but no more than twelve players from any one team can take part in a single game.
  4. We use the smaller goals, unless both teams request the larger ones. If so, it is those teams’ responsibility to move them into place¬†before kick-off and remove them after their game finishes.
  5. In our schedule, we have allowed 5 minutes between each game. When games start late, they will be shortened so that they can be completed without delaying other games.
  6. We use the league’s own ball, unless both captains agree on another one.