Violent Play & Sendings Off: Rule Changes from Round 4 Onwards

After the captains’ meeting on November 6, we approved – i.e. with the votes of more than six captains – two changes to the rules. They will apply from round 4 onwards:

• Any player who is sent off for violent conduct – i.e. intent to harm an opponent – will be banned from playing again in the tournament.
• Any player who is sent off for other reasons – i.e. without intent to harm – will be banned from playing in the subsequent game.

After a player receives a red card, his team will play with one less player for ten minutes. At the end of that period, the team can replace the banned player with another team member.

So far this season there have been several sendings off, and any player who is sent off twice in a single season is banned from playing again in the competition. This rule has been in force since the start of this season, and players who have been sent off already should take note.

If a captain wants to appeal against a red card shown to one of his players, he should write an appeal and send it to within 12 hours. The referee will decide whether to waive the player’s suspension. 

For the remainder of season 5, Maxim Kaplin will remain responsible for all refereeing decisions. During the season, any questions or complaints about the application of the rules should be addressed to him at After the final, captains will review the refereeing arrangements for next season.

Present at the meeting:
Coalition (Tom), Vverkh (Howard), GreenTeam (Menua), Basis (Dmitry), Klerki (Vahan), Red Star Moscow (Jamie standing in for Sam), Freshmen (Karim), Bro-13 (Artyem standing in for Sasha)

Desperado,, ING, Anthill

The tournament rules have been updated to include these changes.